Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation

Many people have a fear of dentistry and root canals. We can help you attain the goal of a healthy mouth by offering you oral conscious sedation.

Oral conscious sedation provides people a safe and effective means to help overcome this fear. There are no IVs or needles involved. You may take some oral medicine the night before your appointment and we will give you some oral medicine when you arrive at the office. The protocols and medications we use are tailored to you and your health history. They are safe and there is even a medication to fully reverse the effects chairside. The most common side effects are hiccups and dry mouth. The hiccups only last a few moments and the dry mouth wears off with the medication.

Safety of Oral Conscious Sedation

To ensure the safety of our patients, there is continuous monitoring of vital signs with state of the art pulse oximeters and blood pressure is recorded every 5 minutes. Baseline readings are taken at the consultation appointment so we know what is normal for each patient.

Our doctors have completed extensive coursework which allows them to provide this service to you. Both doctors hold a New York State certificate for Enteral Conscious Sedation. Currently, Connecticut has no requirement. Our entire team has CPR/AED certification.  We have a AED on the premises.

A separate consultation with Dr. Irene Wong or Dr. Thomas Manders and a medical evaluation within six months from your physician is required. You will also need to be driven to and from our office.


Let us help you overcome your reluctance to get the care you need.  There is nothing like your natural tooth and we can help you preserve your smile and make your healthy.

In certain circumstances,  oral conscious sedation may not be right for you.   We partner with a medical anesthesiologist who can provide a safe and effective experience for you.

Please call our office at (203) 325 - 3636 to reserve your time to speak with us.