Endodontic (Root Canal) Retreatment

Endodontic (Root Canal) Retreatment

Most teeth that have had root canal treatment last as long as natural teeth.  Sometimes, as occasionally this can happen with any medical or dental procedure your tooth may not be healing or responding to the intial therapy.  An endodontist can make a revision to your root canal.    This revision can often lead to a better outcome.  For many reasons your initial endodontic therapy may fail. Endodontic retreatment can give your tooth a second chance.


Symptoms of a Failing Root Canal

Although your tooth had the pulp removed,  a failing root canal can still become painful.  Sometimes facial swelling can develop.  Sometimes there is no pain but your dentist notices a dark shadow on your xray or a bump can develop on your gum near the tooth.

Expertise Retreating Root Canals

Retreatment of your root canal can be a little trickier but an endodontist who has at least two additional years of specialized training treat these problems every day.  With ultrasonic instruments,  microscopes and CBCT digital 3D scanners we have the training and experience to perform root canal retreatment.


Reasons Your First Root Canal May Not Heal


Some of the reasons why your first root canal therapy may not be healing as expected can include:

  • Extremely narrow, small or curved canals originally undetected in the first procedure.  This often happens if a surgical operating microscope was not used.
  • Delayed placement of final filling or crown after your root canal was completed.  This may have allowed for reinfection.
  • Your tooth may have fractured.  Saliva will reinfect your root canal.
  • New decay,  broken filling,  loosened crowns may expose the root canal to reinfection.

Additional Things We Look For

During your retreatment the endodontist will look for fractures.  If there is a fracture the only predictable remedy will be extraction.  If there is no fracture,  the endodontist will look for additional canals and clean all the canals again. Medication may be placed in your tooth to allow for a deeper disinfection.  Many times root canal retreatment is done in two appointments.  Oftentimes, your existing restoration can be maintained with a simple repair but sometimes we may find it does not fit well anymore and it may need to be replaced.

Let us help you save your natural tooth.  

There's nothing like your own tooth for a more beautiful smile.