Cracked / Split Tooth

A root canal specialist or endodontist's  goal is to ultimately help you hold on to your natural tooth.  There is simply nothing like your natural tooth.  We use surgical operating microscopes when treating every single tooth.  The 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) can guide us with it's sophisticated information.  Because our population is living longer and our lives are more stressful,  we are exposing our teeth to many more years of habits that can cause cracks or fractures.  Habits such as chewing on hard candies or tablets of medicine and clenching or grinding during your sleep will contribute to long term wear on your teeth.  These habits can crack your teeth.


Diagnosing a Cracked Tooth

Diagnosing a cracked tooth can be tricky.  The symptoms can start of vague and be somewhat erratic.  Your tooth may be sensitive to biting a certain way or there may be temperature sensitivity.   A root canal specialist can help you narrow down which tooth may be causing the problem.  If caught early enough sometimes you can avoid the root canal treatment. Once we can locate the problem we can discuss with your family dentist.  Sometimes conservative measures can remedy the problem.


Healing and Repairing a Cracked Tooth

Unlike a broken bone a tooth cannot heal once a fracture develops.  When a fracture is left untreated it may worsen and involve the dental pulp.  When the dental pulp becomes inflammed or infected root canal therapy will be needed.  Your root canal specialist will look inside your tooth to evaluate how extensive the fracture is.  The extent of your fracture will determine the best course of action.

Many teeth with cracks can be saved.  Placing a crown on the tooth can protect the tooth after root canal therapy.  Many teeth that have cracks can be functional for years.   A root canal specialist can advise you on how to keep your natural tooth.  We can help you achieve optimal dental health.

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