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Although all dentists, including your family dentist, receive training in dental school in endodontic (root canal) treatment, a patient may be referred to an endodontic (root canal) specialist. Endodontists are dentists that have received at least an additional two years of advanced specialty training in the art of Endodontics, commonly known as "Root Canal".

In a root canal specialist's office we have surgical operating microscopes.  Surgical operating microscopes allow for greater visualization with magnification and fiber optic light sources.   This increased visualization is critical for finding tiny infected root canals or diagnosing the extent of a fracture.

We also have 3D digital CBCT (Cone Bean Computed Tomography) technology.  This CBCT technology derived from innovative medical imaging technology allows an endodontist to have a digitally reconstructed 3D representation of the tooth and jaw bone.  This greatly enhances the endodontist's ability to diagnose and treat your tooth.  Traditional 2D digital radiography is still used and has an important place in treatment.

There are many reasons for a referral. Endodontists perform routine as well as difficult and very complex endodontic procedures, including endodontic retreatment, surgery and endodontic regeneration.  Endodontists are also experienced in determining some causes of oral facial pain.

By choosing to save your tooth with root canal treatment, you are taking a big step towards better oral health.  We know today that better oral health leads to better overall health.  A properly restored tooth that has had root canal treatment can last as long as any other tooth.  You need to only continue to practice good overall oral hygiene to preserve it.  That means twice daily brushing and flossing,  regular check ups with your dentist and cleanings.

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Let us help you relieve your discomfort,  save your tooth and provide you with the optimal care you deserve.

Irene Wong, DDS

SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine 1987-1991
Doctor of Dental Surgery

VAMC at Castle Point 1991-1992
General Practice Residency

New Jersey Dental School (now Rutgers School of Dental Medicine) 1993-1995
Endodontic Residency

Member - American Association of Endodontists
Member - American Dental Association
Member and past Secretary - Stamford Dental Society