Endodontic (Root Canal) Surgery

Endodontic surgery (Apicoectomy)

An apicoectomy may also give a tooth with previous endodontic therapy a second chance. Let us help you determine what is in your best interest.

Determining Your Best Option

In order to fully understand why you may need an apicoectomy or root end surgery it is helpful to understand why you needed the root canal to begin with.  The dental pulp which resides within the root canal space may become damaged.  This can be the result of a history of deep decay,  repeated dental procedures on your tooth or a traumatic blow to the tooth.  Your only options when your tooth gets to this point is to try to save it with root canal therapy or extract your tooth.  With nonsurgical endodontic therapy the pulp is removed and the root canal space is disinfected.

There are situations where endodontic therapy and even retreatment of the root canal may need an endodontic surgery.  Some examples are if calcium deposits have made the root canals difficult to clean out.  Another reason may be that an endodontic instrument has dislodged during a previous root canal treatment and your endodontist may not have the ability to get past it.  An root end surgery could eliminate this issue.

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Anesthetic or Sedation

Endodontic surgery is typically performed with a local anesthetic.  Some people choose to be somewhat sedated.  It is performed in one appointment with a short follow up 3 days later.  A root end surgery does not affect the longevity of your tooth or any restorations that are presently there.

Advanced Technology

When endodontic surgery is done with a surgical operating microscope the surgical field is minimized.  The 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) may also guide us to enhance your outcome.

The Consultation and Questions

When you've been told you may need endodontic surgery many questions can come up. There may even be non-surgical alternatives we can discuss.

Please call our office and arrange for a time so that we may discuss your options.

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